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Home Management so You Don’t Have to Worry

Home Care/Home Management Services – Your Ally will help handle a range of household responsibilities so you don’t have to worry, including home repairs and everyday maintenance of the home environment.

Cleaning - Your Ally will provide light housekeeping service including: dusting, mopping, vacuuming, changing bedding, and scrubbing all bathrooms.

Laundry - Your Ally will also provide laundry services including: washing, drying, and folding clothes.

Household chores - Your Ally will take care of common household work such as organizing, and garbage control and everything else that may have at one time been addressed by your loved one.

Cooking - Your Ally will prepare meals planned in conjunction with a personlized plan of care. Meal preparation includes dishwashing, food preparation, and cooking and will will fill the house with the welcoming aromas of everyone’s favorite foods.

Every Essential task for a Rich and Full Life

Personal Care Services - Our licensed aides provide hands-on assistance with personal care services, including activities of daily living, and help with every essential task for a rich and full life.

Bathing and Showering Assistance - Your Ally caregiver knows the importance of this essential part of everyday life and can help your loved one with every aspect of bathing, from running a bath, transfer to the tub or shower, staying close in case of emergency, bed baths, or any partial bathing tasks.

Personal Hygiene Assistance - Personal hygiene is essential for overall health. Your Ally caregiver can assist with brushing, flossing, shaving, nail care, hair care, and other personal hygiene tasks. 

Help with Restroom Use - For this highly personal and sensitive situation, our personal caregivers have been trained to assist your family member with the utmost respect, professionalism and sensitivity to privacy. We can perform minimal to full assistance, including incontinence care.

Assistance With Dressing - Our caregivers can help with dressing in or out of bed. We want your loved one to be comfortable, while looking and feeling great! Our caregivers can also assist with partial dressing tasks, such as assistance with buttons, zippers, laces, or hooks.

Eating and Nutrition - Not only does your Ally assist with cooking, your Ally will take care of any assistance with eating that may be needed. Your Ally can help cut food, position dishes and cutlery, assist with feeding, and provide stand-by assistance in case of choking.

Ambulation - Our Ally caregivers can help with any exercises/stretches to help you strengthen your body and stay in good physical health, as well as with any transfer assistance that may be needed (such as between the bed, toilet, chair, car, bath/shower, or other areas).

The Companionship and Vigilance of Family

Your Ally Family - One of the most important aspects of any effective home care plan is a strong sense of family and compassion from a caregiver. Companionship is just as vital as the physical assistance your loved one may need. We all need conversation and one-on-one contact to keep our minds alert and feel happiness day to day. Your loved one will benefit from the interaction with their Ally. Our family cares about the well-being of your loved one and strives to make their environment warm and engaging. Whether it is playing a favorite board game or card game, reading, taking a stroll or visiting with friends and neighbors, life is meant to enjoy and your Ally will create an everlasting bond with your loved one and family.

Reminders and Monitoring – Our Ally companions help with several categories of important reminders, including dates, routines, and when to take medication. Your Ally companion will also help with vigilant monitoring, including monitoring comfort levels, meals, exercises, and other activities.

Short-Term Relief for Family and Caregivers

Short-Term Relief - Our Ally caregivers can provide short-term, temporary relief to anyone caring for a loved one who might otherwise require permanent placement in a residential care facility. In providing these breaks for scheduled short-term relief, our Ally caregivers will allow you to return to providing care for your loved one in a refreshed, meaningful way.

Comprehensive Care - While providing family and caregivers with respite, our Ally caregivers will provide skilled, responsive, and exceptional care to your loved one. You may rest assured your loved one is in good hands with Ally.

The Comprehensive Care of a Trusted Ally

Residential In-Home Care - Our Ally live-in caregivers can provide services for a set number of hours or for a 24-hour period. These skilled, dedicated caregivers can assist with home care, personal care, as well as companionship/sitter services. A live-in Ally caregiver can also help with transfers in and out of bed, turning during the night, assistance with using the restroom during the night, and assistance with equipment monitoring while your loved one is sleeping, including oxygen machines, C-pap machines, catheter drainage bags, or orthopedic equipment.

How We Select your Ally


Our wonderful devoted family of employees are chosen for their passion for helping others. We accept nothing less than total dedication. Before joining as an Ally, all of our employees are fully screened with rigorous criminal background and reference checks, competency and skills testing, and thorough on-site observation. We go well beyond the minimum standards and strive to find compassionate caring Allies.



We begin with a detailed Plan of Care created by a registered Nurse after careful examination of your loved one. We then select an Ally Caregiver based on a detailed analysis of their skills with your loved one's specific needs. Every Ally Caregiver is closely supervised by a registered Nurse every 90 days and we continuely monitor the Plan of Care to determine if adjustments need to be made with weekly reports.